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Look who has come to stay with PABSS!

Look who has come to stay with PABSS!

Buzz and Woody from Toy Story have joined #TeamPABSS and will coming to our upcoming "sensory days" to play with all the children.

They are two "Scentsy Buddies" and have their own special scent packs. Woody has "Reach for the Sky" and Buzz has "To Infinity and Beyond!"

We think they will be very popular with the children. If your wee one is super sensitive to smells then one of these would be ideal for them to sniff and cuddle as a soothing, comforting alternative to the stress and anxiety of olfactory sensory sensitivity.

Watch this space for more details coming about our sensory days over the holidays...

If you would like to know where you can get your own Buzz and Woody, give us a message on our Facebook page.



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