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What is it?

What is a Communication Passport?

Mycommpass was created by Kate and Jennifer Sanger, for Kate’s youngest daughter Laura. As Laura has a rare syndrome (Cornelia de Lange) which affects Laura’s ability to communicate, also Laura has a severe learning disability. The Communication Passport gives Laura a voice, it enables others to understand and meet her needs. It acts as a teaching tool to all those involved in her support and it enables all those involved in her life, the ability to have a two way conversation with her, and see her for the unique individual that she is.

Why will PABSS promote the Communication Passport?


Jennifer has created guidelines and a Template which you can download from the mycommpass website totally free.  A Communication Passport gives the individual a VOICE, it EMPOWERS them to make choices and decisions, it allows the persons ASPIRATIONS & POTENTIAL to be recognised and it allows for ACCOUNTABILITY so we can learn from situations that may have been avoided.

Support to Create a Communication Passport

For more information on how you can make your own Communication Pasport contact their website  or contact us.


The Communications Passport: Giving a voice to the voiceless

Parent of a child with learning disabilities, Kate Sanger, has been on an interesting journey to create a Communications Passport which is changing the way professionals can understand the complex needs of people like her daughter. 

Kate spoke to us about her journey creating the passport and her motivations behind it:


Example Communication Passports

You can download a copy of the Communication Passport template clicking HERE.

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