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Hello, I am Harry

Deirdre, an amazing mum in Northern Ireland has been kind enough to allow us to share the below poem written for her son Harry by her cousin Gerry.



I am here,

You might not see me,

You might miss who I am,


I am here.

I may not look at you,

But I see you,

I see all,


Unlike you,

I feel all that I see,

I feel it with my mind.

I hear everything,

You don't understand how.


I hear it all,

Even the faintest sound.

I hear you when you talk,

I hear you louder when you ignore who I am.

If you hurt me I will feel pain,

If you restrain me I will feel imprisoned,

If you shout at me I will feel fear,

If you ignore me I will feel loneliness.

I am here,

Within myself.

Look carefully,

You will see me,

You will hear me,

You will feel me.

Only when you do this,

Will you start to understand me.

And only when you start to understand me,

You will notice me.

I am here,

I am real,

I see all,

I hear all,

I feel all,

I'm alive,

I am a person,

I am Harry.



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