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NI special needs families respond to 'tell-all' survey about school restraint and seclusion

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Families who claim their children have been forcibly restrained or secluded in special schools are revealing their concerns in a tell-all survey.
“These families need and deserve support and I am focused on doing everything in my power to do the right thing by them. To hear Deidre Shakespeare in committee explain her feelings about her son Harry’s experience was distressing and disturbing and her work at ICARS has been remarkable."
"For her work with ICARS and PABBS to reach as far as Parish Hilton and trigger and international statement or support just shows the power that parents' voices can have.”
International focus was drawn to the Education Committee meeting when celebrity and businesswoman Ms Hilton alerted her 17 million Twitter followers to her support for Mrs Shakespeare and her parent group, ICARS, the International Coalition Against Restraint And Seclusion.

Read the full article at the Belfast Live.



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