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Reducing Restrictive Intervention of Children and Young People

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

On 10th February 2020, Monday, a report will be launched at the House of Lords, which draws on the experiences of over 700 families of children with disabilities who have experienced restrictive interventions.

This has been driven by families, using data collected by ourselves at PABSS. A range of families, charities and organisations have worked together to highlight the issues in the absence of formal recording or reporting.

The report covers the number of restraints and seclusions; recording and reporting; the reasons given for interventions, and the types of injuries children and young people suffered as a result. It exposes the harm being caused and highlights the need for urgent action - we know how to support children well, and we know that it is perfectly possible to do this successfully.

Check for information in the lead up to our launch and updates on the day.

If you are a social media user, both PABSS and the CBF will be sharing information on Twitter and Facebook using #NoHarm



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