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Mammy's Touch

If you have been following our news section, you may have seen another post "Hello, I am Harry"

The following beautiful poem is about the same wee lad and his mammy, written by his mammy's cousin Gearoid.

Mammy's Touch

It's mammy's touch that soothes me,

She knows just how I am.

When her magic fingers stroke my hand,

It helps to keep me calm.

They still the stormy waters,

And gift me peace of mind.

She understands just how I feel,

With her gentle touch so kind.

It's mammy's touch that speaks to me

When she wipes away my tears,

With words that have no sound to hear,

But they banish all my fears.

Her fingers talk to me each night

As she tucks me into bed.

When like a comb, she runs them

Through the hair upon my head.

It's mammy's touch that I enjoy,

As she holds me by the hand.

It seems to make life simpler

And I can understand.

It's a way that we communicate,

It's another way we talk.

I love the touch of mammy's hand,

When she holds mine as we walk.



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